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Keeping those in the medical field well informed about all things Environmental Medicine

About AAEM

We are passionate about sharing cutting edge information and best practices regarding environmental medicine. From Low Does Allergen Immunotherapy to Mold and Mycotoxins to Intravenous Therapy with Nutrients and beyond, we are committed to growing and building upon this crucial focus area within the field of medicine.

Why You Should Join AAEM

We have made our primary Mighty Networks Account free and open to everyone. It is our hope you will find an interest in one (or more) of our courses or that you will find an interest in the free information we have provided under our Topics. But further, we hope you find it of value to become a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. We have a private group within this platform that is only accessible to our members. In this group we share monthly content via video presentations and articles and it also provides a community for our members where they can connect with one another and share ideas. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for checking out and/or joining our Mighty Networks page! If not for our members, and those committed to continuing the field of environmental medicine, we would not be where we are today. We are so thankful to all of those practitioners that have the care and focus to help others that have been impacted by environmental factors.